The Magician, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Sun

The Magician        Wheel of Fortune         The Sun

The Wheel of Fortune bears the numeral X (10=1+0=1), which relates back to the Magician  (see previous post for detailed interpretation of the Magician).  The figures that frame the four corners of the card are each reading a book (the wisdom of the ages) and represent the fixed signs of the elements, air, water, earth, and fire, but each figure also has wings, the ability to rise above present circumstances and not be bound by them.  To this day, in spite of or because of the popular TV quiz show, the wheel represents luck or fate and the chance to gain riches and improve circumstances.  The Wheel of Fortune also stands for the constant movement of time; it is always spinning.

Before we enter each incarnation, we assemble an agenda, a “to-do”  list of the goals and lessons we wish to encounter and master in this lifetime.  We leave the list with the Higher Self, who keeps creating environments and opportunities for us to master what is on the list.  Each time we don’t quite “get it,” the Higher Self simply reassure us that another chance will be given.  This is the key to understanding the Wheel of Fortune.

If this card appears in your reading, it means that you have found one of those “magic moments” that the Higher Self has set up to enable you to see the pattern(s) that has/have been present in your life and master the lesson you asked to learn by experiencing it/them. If you are able to see clearly and recognize another occurrence of a familiar situation  and the lesson it holds, you may be able to master the lesson, cross it off the list, and keep it from coming around again.  Your life will run more smoothly since you will have one fewer challenge to overcome.

The Sun, which carries the numeral 19 (1+9=10=1), also relates back to the Magician  Whereas the Magician represents the beginning of the Major Arcana and the beginning of the Soul’s journey, the Sun is closer to the end of the Majors and represents the beginning of the next round, wherever and whenever that may be, of the Soul’s growth and evolution.

The Magician establishes the ability of the seeker to manifest vibrations from the Higher Realms into the physical environment and present moment. If the Magician appears in your reading, it’s there to tell you WHO you are and WHAT you are capable of doing.  The Sun appears in your reading to tell you WHERE you are in your own evolution.  The Sun represents a new beginning, the start of the whole next phase of your life.

You are entering this part of your life having completed one or more rounds of experience, so there is a knowing, an understanding (9) backing up the action (1) as you enter the next phase.  You are surrounded by bright sunlight, you see clearly.  You allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, child-like, and there is a strong sense of celebration and enthusiasm. Bring it on!

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