The Tarot Aces / Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups   Ace of Pentacles   Ace of Swords    Ace of Wands


The tarot aces are devoid of human figures and each features a glowing hand emerging from a cloud and holding the symbol of the suit.   Three of the four also show droplets of blessings that result when they are activated.  All the aces represent both the beginnings of each suit as well as the highest possible value in each suit.  They represent trumps or triumphs in each of the four elements water, earth, air, and fire.

If one of the aces appears in your reading, it represents a triumph, an accomplishment that you have established and precipitated, an environment or atmosphere that you have established.  If, for example, the ace of cups comes up for you, it says that you triumph by making people feel good about themselves when they come in contact with you.  It isn’t necessarily because of anything you say and/or do; it’s simply because of who you are.  Your being you allows others to express themselves in a nurturing environment of acceptance and support.  You offer the fullness of your being and require nothing in return.  This showers blessings into many lives.


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