Ace of Swords

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords represents a triumph over conflict.  The right hand emerging from the cloud grasps the sword and holds it vertically.  Floating around the tip of the sword is a golden crown with a trail of laurel leaves on one side and a trailing branch of olive leaves on the other.  The laurel stands for victory and the olive represents peace.  As in two of the other aces, there are droplets of light, which stand for blessings, falling from the sword automatically as it is put to use.

If the ace of swords comes up in your reading it represents the path to victory by overcoming conflict.  This is accomplished by single-pointed determination.  The advice of the card is to triumph over conflict, figure out what you have to do and go for it,  using  all your strength and focus on that goal, temporarily ignoring anything and anyone else who may be involved in the situation.  Once you have achieved your goal, you can then work on soothing any feelings that may have been hurt in the process.


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