Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands

The ace of wands is a triumph of empowerment in taking hold of one’s life and leading it in the manner and style that asserts one unique individuality.  As with the other aces, the glowing hand that holds the symbol of the suit emerges from a cloud suspended in mid-air.  Again, this very act produces droplets of blessings that fall on everything and everyone in the vicinity.

If the ace of wands shows up in your reading, it means you are to be congratulated for leading your own life and being responsible for your own thoughts and actions.   Each of us is unique, and creating your own reality brings your unique gifts, talents, and style into focus to inspire others and show what’s possible.  Gone are the efforts to simply please others and not create “waves.”  Gone are all the defensiveness and motivations adopted to show you are NOT like some other individual or group. Gone is the need to prove yourself by measuring yourself against any arbitrary outside standard.   You shine when you do it “your way.”  Your being all of who you are and acting on it is a triumph of your spirit.

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