Sample Three-card Reading

Knight of Cups        The Hanged Man         Six of Pentacles                                       Temperance


I suggest you review this website for the individual interpretations of the cards that appear here if you have questions about their particular meanings.  You are also welcome to email the author with comments and questions as well.

The cards pictured above represent a three-card reading (with a fourth card as a clarifier) done recently for a young lady who simply asked, “Please give me some insight into what is going on in and around me.”  The deck was well-shuffled and cut three times, and these are the cards that came out on top.

It is worth noting that two out of the three cards in the original reading are twelves, which reduce to threes (knight=12=3  and Hanged Man=12=3)  It is safe to say that the area of concern that the reading addresses is that of expression/creation.  All threes relate back to the Empress.  There are feelings and relationships involved (cups), values and priorities (pentacles), and some insight into the bigger picture/soul’s journey/Major Arcana.

The first card that is drawn in a three-card reading represents where the spotlight has been focused recently.  The knight of cups in this position says that the energy investment has been in a dedicated effort to proceed slowly and carefully and avoid mistakes.  This card often expresses the desire for perfection and an over-investment in error-avoidance.  The seeker is advised to be aware of this tendency and to recognize its appearance in the future because this behavior slows her down unnecessarily.

The middle card in a three-card reading speaks to what is going on right now, where the spotlight is shining in the present moment.  The Hanged Man says that the seeker is probably experiencing a sense of frustration because it feels like nothing is happening in large doses.  The seeker feels stalled and/or stuck.  The reader assures her that she is NOT stuck; there are big changes taking place inside her, and she is in the middle of getting a new perspective.  Once the new way of seeing things is in place, she will resume her journey.

The third card speaks to where the spotlight is heading, the part of her life that will next be illuminated.  The six of pentacles here acknowledges that the seeker wishes to be a “giver” and be of service and healing to others in a fair and open manner.  There is strong motivation to “do the right thing.”  The reader tells her that she MUST take care of herself first or there will be nothing left to give.  She must value herself and make herself the top priority.

Then the fourth card is drawn to summarize and/or clarify the situation.  Temperance here addresses the fears that lie beneath the question the seeker has asked.  She is reassured that the worst is behind her , and she will never be “that bad off” again.  Her journey has taken her through some “very hot” fires where she has been tempered and forged into a new level of strength and flexibility.  There is great hope and optimism in this reading.

Please see for information on purchasing the book and/or scheduling a reading with the author.

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