3-Card reading for J.M.

The World     Seven of Cups     Three of Cups                                          King of Cups



Once again, the question is,”Please give me some insight into what is going on in and around me at this time.”  The cards have been shuffled, cut three times, and the top three cards are placed from left to right.  The fourth card is drawn after the first three cards have been read, and it acts as a summary and/or a clarifier.

Since two out of the three cards are cups, it is safe to say that this reading addresses the seeker’s feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities.  Also, two out of the three bear the number 3 (21=2+1=3 and III=3), so the reading is also about the seeker’s expression or synthesis in those same areas.  The first card shown is a Major Arcana member, so there is an element of the Soul’s journey or the Bigger Picture here as well.

The first card drawn represents where the spotlight has been recently.  The World in this position says that the seeker has recently achieved a new level, a graduation of sorts, in the area of feelings, emotions, relationships, or psychic abilities.  There he is, with a diploma in each hand, testament to his abilities, proof that he’s got what it takes—now he just needs to decide where he’s going to take it.

The next card speaks to the “now” moment of the reading and reinforces the issue just mentioned.  The seven of cups is often called “the wish card.”  The seeker’s future is replete with any and everything he could possibly desire.  He has earned the right to choose, be it riches, wisdom, power, knowledge, fame, status, or mastery of the occult.  The challenge here is to pick which path he wants to pursue and take the first steps toward it.  The only poor choice would be to go into overwhelm, choose nothing, and beat up on himself for so doing.

The third card represents where the spotlight is heading next, and the three of cups here says it is of the greatest importance that the seeker celebrate his accomplishments and acknowledge his achievements.  He is to take some time to do that and not just rush into the next task.  He may even consider inviting some of his friends to celebrate with him.

The fourth card comes up as the King of Cups and acts as a summary card and/or a clarifier.  Just in case he has not already heard the message of the reading, the king here assures him of his mastery in the areas ruled by the cups and tells him that he is, indeed, at the top of his game, operating in a rich, fully balanced place where he can ride the ups and downs of the emotional realms and not even get his foot wet.

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