3-card reading for S. G.

Ten of Pentacles     Ten of Cups     Eight of Swords                                                Wheel of Fortune


After being reminded that all tarot readings are for NOW, S.G. has asked, “Please give me some insight into what would be most helpful for me to know at this time,”  an excellent request.  The deck has been shuffled and cut three times; the top three cards are laid out from left to right, and the fourth card is drawn and read only after the other three have been addressed.

The fact that there are two out of the three that bear the numeral X (1) is significant.  Ten is the number of discernment, acting from a higher perspective, so it is safe to say that this is a reading about what to do in the present moment when faced with whatever the seeker is experiencing in her life.

The ten of pentacles says that the spotlight has been focused on the seeker’s deciding what perspective she wishes to support as far as how responsible (able to respond) she chooses to be in the current situation.  She has been prompted to use some discernment in deciding the extent of her involvement and her priorities.  She has been trying to decide what’s hers and what isn’t.  She knows that if what’s been going on is not hers, then she is not to touch it, even with a ten-foot pole, but if it is hers, she must step up and handle it.

Right now, the spotlight is on the ten of cups that again, urges discernment in the area of feelings, emotions, and relationships.  The seeker is being asked to consider whom she considers “family,” and with whom she shares any of her private information, time, and energy.  It’s not a question of right or wrong, but rather a question of  what’s right for HER in this instance.  Thee is a chance she will be asked to participate in some sort of project or endeavor, and she must decide if it is in her highest and best interest to join.

The third card is the eight of swords and represents where the spotlight is moving next.  Since it depicts the seeker feeling helpless and hopeless, thinking she has painted herself into a corner with no means of escape, it seems prudent to suggest that she be even more conservative than usual as far as the choices made to the first two cards.  Even though the eight of swords suggests that the seeker has lost perspective, she is still perfectly able to shrug off the ropes that bind her, remove the blindfold, and climb to higher ground as soon as she realizes that it’s not the end of the world, stops believing that this is a life or death situation, and understands that she still has choices.

The fourth card, which has been drawn as a summary or clarifier is the Wheel of Fortune, ironically, another X or 10.  This card suggests that what the seeker is facing in the current situation isn’t new at all but part of a larger pattern that has manifested many times before in her life. Whatever it is that she is supposed to learn from the current circumstances is actually one of the items she put on her  “to do” list for this lifetime.  Her Higher Self has been holding that list and has created an opportunity for her to accomplish that goal.  Her Higher Self is giving her another chance to resolve the current situation, mark it “complete,” and get it off the wheel, so it won’t keep coming around again and again.


For more information of this method of reading tarot cards, see tarotforalltime.com and earlier posts to this blog.  thank you.

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