3-card reading for J.F.

Two of Swords   Queen of Wands   Ten of Cups                                         High Priestess

Although the seeker appears a bit frustrated, he has not shared his current status with me, but has asked for insight into what would be most helpful for him  to know at this time.  The first three cards have come up after the deck has been well-shuffled and cut three times.  The fourth card is revealed and read after the first three have been discussed.

The two of swords explains the frustrated feeling I have picked up on because it speaks to the seeker’s being almost immobilized through a fear that something that happened a long time ago may be about to repeat itself.  J.F. has temporarily turned his back on his feelings and is sitting blindfolded with a sword in each hand, protecting his heart with crossed arms while his feet are poised to move forward and sideways at the same time.  This is the ultimate defensive position, but this degree of protection is unwarranted.  This is the card that represents where the spotlight has been shining in the recent past, so it tells us that J. F. has been worried about getting hurt AGAIN.  We hope he has put down at least one of the swords and removed the blindfold to get a clearer  more realistic picture of  the current reality.

It does look as if the spotlight has shifted to the queen of wands.  This card tells us that he is also worried about how his behavior is going to look to others; he has given away his power by doubting his skills and talents and carrying over the defensive position by hiding behind “the cat.”  In other words, he has added an additional protective layer to distance anything others might say in the way of criticism by proclaiming his self-doubt, so that if anything should go amiss, he can claim that he knew all along how risky the venture was.  The truth of the matter is that he is more than qualified to handle the situation with aplomb and has no need to apologize in advance.

The ten of cups as the third card says that the spotlight is moving into an area where his discernment must come into play as to whom he trusts, whom he empowers, whom he treats as “family,” and whom he allows to see/hear his own self-doubts.  The combination of these three cards indicates that J. F. has been overreacting to the current situation.

The fourth card, the High Priestess, is used to summarize the reading, and its message is one of clarity and hope.  This card tells J. F. to be still and know.  All the answers are already inside him, and he must get himself to a calm, quiet, balanced place to access them.  He has been “spinning his wheels,” and now, he needs to slow down, withdraw temporarily from the situation, and consult his own inner guidance to find answers and success.

When I ask him if this makes sense, he replies, “Right on.”

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