An Invitation

Dear Readers,

Do you have the Rider-Waite deck?  Would you like a free reading?  Here is my offer:

1.  Think of a question to which you would like an answer.  Please phrase it  (mentally) in the form of . “Please give me some insight into . . . ”

2.  Shuffle all 78 cards in the deck well while you think , ” I dedicate this deck to healing and service.”

3.  Cut the deck three separate times while you concentrate on the issue you have selected.

4.  Turn over the top three cards and then the next top card as well.

5.  Tell me what cards you have drawn in the order they have come up, and I will interpret them for you by posting a 3-card reading (with a fourth card as a summary) on this website.

6.  You do not have to tell me the specifics of what you have asked about, but I will choose one issue each week for my response and publish it on this website.

7.  You only have to give me your initials when you email me.

8.  Let’s have some fun with this.  Thanks.

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