3-Card Reading for M.E.

Two of Pentacles     Four of Swords     The World                          Nine of Wands


M. E. has asked for an interpretation of the above cards that she has drawn for a reading.  We begin by noting that there are no cups here, so feelings, emotions, and relationships are not at issue in this question, nor are there two or more of any particular suit or number.  There is one major, so this question does impinge somewhat on the soul’s agenda for this lifetime, meaning that the issue at hand, the question at the basis for this reading, does have a connection to the bigger picture for M.E..

The spotlight has recently highlighted the two of pentacles, which shows the seeker attempting to juggle two values that are related.  This is a frustrating state of affairs because the seeker is viewing the choices as mutually exclusive; she feels she can have one BUT not the other, and she has been dancing around this issue for a while. The advice of the card is to stop dancing, relax, and substitute the word “and” for the word “but.”  By allowing a reality where both choices are valid and active, the tension disappears.  This is the meaning of a win-win scenario.

Because the spotlight is now on the four of swords, it looks like M. E. has temporarily  withdrawn from making a decision.  The basis or foundation for the conflict appears to be tied to the seeker’s again creating a polarity by defining her role as that of giver OR receiver when the truth  is that both aspects must be present for there to be flow.  Nobody can give anything unless there is someone to receive it, and neither position is better and/or higher than the other.  The advice of this card is to become a full participant in life by allowing yourself to be both giver and receiver and to let go of the false perception of conflict between the two aspects of life.

The spotlight is beginning to focus on the third card, the World.   This is sometimes called the “graduation card.”  If M. E. can absorb the lessons of the first two cards, she has an excellent chance of entering the whole next phase of her own growth and expansion.  Clearly she is competent; she holds a diploma in each hand.  She’s got what it takes; now, all she has to decide is where she wants to take it.  This is an open choice.  The new belief that she can have it all and need not settle for a fraction of what life is offering will serve her well.

The fourth card is drawn as a summary or a clarifier.  The nine of wands here is totally consistent  with the rest of the reading.  It tells M. E. that she has worked long and hard to amass many skills and talents and that she should not limit herself by leaning heavily on only one fraction of what is available to her.  The theme of this reading is expansion, and the seeker would be well-served by examining what else might be brought into play here.

I hope this was helpful.

Please feel free to send me a list of the cards you draw for a reading, and I will choose one set each week to post on this website.  See guidelines in last week’s blog “An Invitation.” Thank you.

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