3-card Reading for M. S.

Eight of Pentacles      Queen of Swords     Page of Pentacles                    Seven of Wands


M. S. has requested an interpretation of the cards drawn above.  Since two out of the original three are pentacles, we can expect a reading about values and priorities and the work that M. S. does or is contemplating doing.  There are no wands or cups in this first group of three, so we can say that both skills and talents (wands) and feelings, relationships. and psychic abilities (cups) are not at issue here.  Nor does there seem to be a connection or an expansion into the Major Arcana, so M. S.’s question is likely to be focused on the here and now.

The spotlight has been focused recently on M.S.’s  working as a sole practitioner, and/or doing his own thing rather than working as part of a larger group and/or working with a partner.  The eight of pentacles  shows a craftsman at work, displaying several of his finished projects.  The quality of his work is high, and the card suggests that even if there has been a part of his work that he doesn’t believe holds the same standard as those on display, he should still take ownership and responsibility for it but not include it as a typical example of his work.  This suggests success in recent efforts to make a unique contribution to whatever field of endeavor M. S. is involved in.

The spotlight is now centered on the fact that M. S. is in the midst of a tremendous transition that affects the entire form his life is taking, similar to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  The queen of swords here indicates that he is questioning EVERYTHING, even what he wants to be when he grows up.  Many truths that he thought he understood are being examined and questioned at this time, and he is no longer sure of what he can count on and/or take for granted.  Some of what’s going on in his life at the moment is crazy-making.  The good news is that he’s more than half-way through the transition, and soon the whole life picture will become clearer.

The spotlight is moving onto the page of pentacles, which confirms that his life’s journey is turning in a new direction that will allow him to follow a path toward a meaningful and significant goal.  He has made a commitment and has dedicated his efforts toward pursuing an ideal, something of value.  He is on his way.

The fourth card, the seven of wands, is drawn as a summary or a clarifier.  It looks like M. S. needs to slow down just a bit and abandon the defensive posture he has taken.  Nobody is attacking him, and there is no need to act in haste or arm himself against an imagined enemy.  This may very well be a carry-over from the uncertainty of the queen of swords, but it is an over-reaction.  He is going to be just fine.

Does this make sense?

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