3-Card Reading for D. R.

Three of Pentacles   Eight of Wands    Four of Cups                     The Moon

The following is an interpretation of the cards selected by D.R. and sent for a reading.  The first three cards are read as a unit, and the fourth card was then drawn for a summary.  There seems to be an absence of conflict (swords), but each of the other three suits is represented in this reading, and there does not seem to be an emphasis on any one particular number.  All tarot readings are for NOW, and this one is focused on D. R.’s daily life.

The spotlight has been on the three of pentacles, D.R.’s working as part of a team, putting in her unique and valuable contribution toward a greater effort.  This is the opposite of being a stand-out sole practitioner.  Any glory gained from this accomplishment must be acknowledged as a group effort, and it looks like D.R. has succeeded. so far by operating in this manner.

The spotlight has moved onto the eight of wands, one of the timing cards in the tarot deck.  Its presence tells D.R. to get ready because the next logical higher step she has aimed for is getting ready to land.  This can be anything from a job promotion to a new broader-based environment/audience, specialization, or expansion of his/her skills and talents.

The four of cups is in the third position, so it is a heads-up to be aware and not ignore the opportunity about to be featured in the spotlight.  It looks like D.R.’s natural tendency would be to be super-cautious and guard against getting involved and possibly hurt by ignoring and/or blocking taking what the hand in the cloud is holding.  The advice of the reading is to recognize what is being offered and take advantage of it.  It’s good to remember that D.R. can always change his/her mind if, for any reason, accepting the offer turns out to be burdensome.

The clarifier or summary card is the Moon, so this is not the first time D.R. has dealt with this situation.  The difference this time around is that D.R. has much more experience under his/her belt than the last time (s)he encountered this opportunity.  (S)he is far better prepared now to handle it well.  Whatever this is, it is something D.R. intended to master when (s)he incarnated into this lifetime, so it’s an item on his/her soul’s “to-do” list, and it merits serious consideration.

Good luck, D.R.

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If you own the Rider-Waite deck, you are welcome to follow the guidelines (in a previous post) and draw 3+1 cards, email me, and ask for an interpretation.  I will publish one reading a week on this website.

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