3-card reading for D.H.

The Empress     Six of Swords     Ace of Wands                    The Fool

D.H. has submitted the cards pictured above for interpretation.  (S)he has followed the suggested procedure (see the post “An Invitation”) and has asked for insight into what is going on in and around him/her.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth cad is a summary and/or clarifier.  There are no cups or pentacles, so feelings, emotions, relationships, psychic abilities, and values are not vital parts of what is going on for D.H. at this time.  Moreover, there are not two or more of any particular number.

We begin with the Empress, who is one of the Major Arcana.  This means the spotlight has recently been on D.H.’s unlimited creativity, his/her ability to put things together in unique and expanding ways to bring forth exciting, fun activities and manifestations.  D.H. has always had this gift, this ability, and has taken it for granted, not always appreciating that others cannot easily do the same thing.  This gift is usually accompanied by a good sense of humor, so it’s safe to say that D.H. has recently said and/or done something(s) to entertain others (and/or him/herself) and enjoy the laughter.

The spotlight is now on D.H.’s intent to be of service and healing in a conflict situation, to move things from the rough water into the smooth.  By keeping the atmosphere light and not dwelling on the “problem” aspect of what’s going on, (s)he can make slow but steady progress toward the goal. (S)he can help everyone get beyond the conflict.

The ace of wands on the third position says that the spotlight is moving toward the triumph of D.H.’s taking hold of his/her own life and leading it with mastery.  This echoes the energies of the Empress and assures D.H. that doing it his/her way, not necessarily using conventional tools or processes will produce beneficial results. Following his/her guidance and managing his/her skills and talents according to that guidance will produce a new level of independence and success.

The summary card is the Fool, another member of the Major Arcana, which tells us that this reading is very much tied to D.H.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime. The Fool represents a leap of faith that promises following one’s dream will be supported and sustained.  Based on the three cards that came before, it looks like D.H.’s dream is to be a creative and resourceful “uplifter” of humanity who makes a unique contribution to him/herself and others by operating in a distinct and somewhat unusual way.

I hope this was helpful.




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