3-Card Reading for W.P.

Two of Cups       Three of Cups       Two of Wands                             Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 3.23.19 PM

W.P. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  Before we begin, we notice there are two twos and two cups; there are no pentacles or swords, so we know we are getting a reading about choices, and feelings, relationships, and/or psychic abilities are in focus, while values and conflict are not an issue here.  Also, since the first three cards are all minor arcana, this is a reading that lies in the environment of daily life.

The spotlight has recently been focused on the two of cups, the friendship card.  This card is a template for the ideal relationship where each participant is committed to the quality of the relationship rather than to the other individual involved.  W. P. has recently been involved with a true friend, one who gives 100% of his/her  energy in all that is done.  this is also a statement that W.P. operates in a similar manner; there are no half-baked efforts here, and this is a satisfying exchange for both parties.

The spotlight is now centered on the need to celebrate and take time to appreciate where W.P. is now before he/she pushes him/herself to complete the next task or agenda item.  It is important to acknowledge how special and supportive the relationship shown in the first card is and how far the participants have come since they first got together.  W.P. would be well-served by letting that friend know that W.P. is aware and grateful for this friend’s holding a place in W.P,’s life, and that the friendship is not being taken for granted.

The spotlight is moving into an arena where a further choice must be made, whether to continue in the same safe, sure, secure manner that has been the status quo until now or to branch out into a new area of growth that extends the skills and talents that W.P. holds. The card definitely implies there is room for expansion.

The summary card is Death, which speaks of letting the old way “die” so that a new way may manifest.  This is one of the Major Arcana that relates to the Soul’s development.  It addresses the absolute necessity to let go of the old form that has outlived its usefulness. The new way has already begun.

It would seem that this reading has come at a time when W.P. is experiencing a shift in the energies and is seeking guidance to understand what’s going on.  The cards are basically saying that W.P. has done well up to this point, and (s) he should celebrate the quality of what (s)he brings to all interactions. It is time to shift his/her gaze to the future and realize the opportunity to expand and grow his/her skills and talents.  It is time to thank the “old ways” for their service and for allowing him/her to reach this threshold and to release them to allow the “new ways” to manifest.

Best wishes, W.P.  I hope this was helpful.

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