3-Card reading for R.H.

Two of Cups          Nine of Swords          The Magician                        Seven of Swords

R.H. has submitted the cards pictured above for interpretation.  There are no pentacles or wands, so neither values and priorities nor skills and talents are at issue here; the reading is focused on feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities and on resolving the conflict(s) found therein.  The member of the Major Arcana that appears as the third card links the other two  preceding cards to the bigger picture of the soul’s purpose.

The spotlight has been on R.H.’s full and complete participation in mutually beneficial relationships where each participant holds a commitment to the quality of the relationship rather than to the other participant.  The two of cups, which has often been called the “friendship card,” is the template of a nourishing and growth-producing relationship where the exchange of energies is equal, full, and healing. The win-win nature of this involvement is paramount.

The spotlight is now on the nine of swords, often called the “nightmare” card, which emphasizes that worrying about something/anything never pays off.  Losing sleep over what MIGHT happen is always non-productive, so the card advises temporarily ignoring the potentially negative outcomes and resting up so as to be in better shape if and when a response is needed.

The Magician in the third position indicates that the spotlight is moving onto R.H.’s being one of the movers and shakers in the world who makes things happen.  Almost as if by magic, R.H. can manifest realities by translating, transmuting, and transforming energies from a higher plane.  (S)he has all the tools of the four suits available to be put toward this effort, and the only caution (if there even is one) is to choose the best tool to get the job done.

The seven of swords is drawn as a summary card and speaks of the need to disarm the enemy and lower the level of threat by addressing any conflict one piece at a time.  The only way to win is by “chunking it down.”

The advice for R.H. seems to be to an awareness of his/her full participation in life and the need to ignore potential threats by exercising his/her “magic” talent to connect with the bigger picture and take things one step at a time.  R.H. is urged to avoid going into overwhelm and over-reacting to what life presents by reminding him/herself of his/her level of competence and involvement and the winning tactic of taking on only a piece of the situation at any one time.

Much success to R.H.


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