3-Card reading for S.Y.

Seven of Wands     Ten of Cups       Page of Pentacles                                               Four of Wands

S.Y, has submitted the above cards for interpretation,  The first three presented are the “heart” of the reading, and then, the fourth card is given as a summary or clarifier.  There are no swords, so overcoming conflict is not a focus here, and there are not two or more of any suit or number in the first three, so there is no particular theme or pattern  that this reading addresses.  Also, there are no representatives of the Major Arcana, so this is a reading that applies to everyday concerns rather than to the soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

The seven of swords is where the spotlight has recently been, so it is safe to say that  S.Y. has been operating from a defensive point of view.  This is a knee-jerk reactive behavior that suggests S.Y. has felt attacked and defensive in the past and is used to investing  energy in covering his/her tracks and being prepared to deal with hostility and aggression from others.  The seeker is encouraged to take another look at the recent past to determine if the attack is real or imagined.  The advice of the card is to modify S.Y.’s expectations of his/her environment.  It behooves him/her to ask more questions before arming him/herself and preparing for a fight.  There is an opportunity here to rise above the perceived conflict and not become engaged in it.  There is also a strong possibility that no conflict does, in fact, exist, and S.Y. may be better served by putting down the weapon and exploring the possibility of negotiation if the conflict is really there.

The ten of cups is where the spotlight is now, and it urges S.Y. to use his/her discernment to determine just how willing (s)he is to treat others like family.  How open, sharing, giving, intimate, and vulnerable is the appropriate level of relationship here?  The relationship between the first and second cards in this reading speak of a new attitude and way of behaving toward others in the environment of the question.  There needs to be a middle ground between believing everyone is out to get him/her and believing everyone is completely trustworthy and compatible, deserving of being S.Y.’s best friend(s).  It’s time to take another look at the other people involved in the area of the question and decide what S.Y.’s relationship(s) will be with any one or ones of them.

The Page of Pentacles as the third card says that S.Y. has embarked on a new path in pursuit of an ideal.  The spotlight is moving onto focusing on that path, and the journey is one of value.  S.Y. is on his/her way to make a valuable contribution to the quality of life in the future for him/herself and for others.

The four of wands as the summary card is further assurance that S.Y. has the potential, the skills and talents, for a successful journey. )S)he can feel safe on the new path and assured of a successful outcome.

Does this make sense?

Please feel free to send me your selected four cards for a reading using the guidelines given earlier on this website.  For more 3-card readings and explanations of all 78 cards of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, please see earlier sections of this blog and/or tarotforalltime.com

Thank you.


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