3-card Reading for G.T.

Seven of Pentacles        Ace of Swords       The Magician                                    Four of Cups

G.T, has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading, andd the fourth card is read after the three are finished as a summary or clarifier.  Both the second and third cards are ones, so this is a reading that focuses on leading, controlling, and directing.  There are no other groups of two or more.

The spotlight has been on the seven of pentacles, the nostalgia card, where the gardener has paused to gaze fondly at the full-blooming  healthy growth he must have planted a while ago.  His focus is on the past, when things were easier, simpler, more straightforward than they are now.  He wonders if he is still motivated and capable of doing all the work required to ensure a similar result with the new growth that lies at his feet.  He is hesitant to start over again.  The message of the card is to move the focus to the present and rest assured that with time and effort, the new growth will be every bit as healthy and beautiful as what he produced in the past.  Be here now.

The spotlight is now on the ace of swords, a triumph over conflict.  The advice of the card is for G.T.  to figure out what (s)he wants and go for it, temporarily ignoring anything and everyone that is a part of the environment of the question.  Once the desired outcome has manifested, G.T. can then spend time soothing any feelings that may have been hurt.  It is single-pointed determination that will win the day.

The spotlight is moving onto the third card, the Magician.  This says that G.T. is one of the movers and shakers in this world at this time, and (s)he is capable of making things happen by manifesting results as if by magic.  (S)he is  able to channel energies from a higher realm into the everyday reality.  All the necessary tools are on the table before him/her, and a certain amount of discernment is useful in choosing the best tool to get the job done.  Because this card is a member of the Major Arcana, it says that G.T.’s question is somehow linked to his/her soul’s plan for this lifetime.  Here is a chance to shine and fulfill his/her life’s plan.

The four of cups in the fourth position warns of the possibility of being unaware of the opportunity that is being offered and/or reluctant to undertake the task.  It is essential that G.T. be fully present and willing to commit to the time and work required to produce a healthy and abundant result.  A positive outcome awaits.

Does this make sense?

I hope this interpretation has been helpful.

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