3-Card Reading for F.A.

Seven of PentaclesTemperanceThree of Pentacles                                     The Devil

F.A. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth card is read( after the first three have been interpreted) as a summary.  Since there are two pentacles in the first group, we can safely say that this is a reading concerning values and/or priorities; this is a focus on figuring out what’s important and deserving of attention.  This reading also contains one member of the Major Arcana, so it is connected to F.A.’s agenda for this lifetime and has greater influence/application than just the present situation.

The spotlight has been on the seven of pentacles, the nostalgia card.  F.A. has been focused on the past when life seemed less complicated and easier.  It is time to shift the focus and place it squarely on the present, knowing that whatever efforts were employed in the past to help F.A. produce a superlative outcome can now be applied to the present situation in order to achieve a similar or even better result.  It is important to “be here now” and be fully present with whatever lies at F.A.’s feet.

The spotlight is now on the Temperance card, which says that F.A.’s Higher Self has put him/her through some harrowing experiences in the past, but the worst is over, and it will never be “that bad” again.  Temperance refers to the process by which steel is made from iron joined with tin and carbon and put through extreme heat to “temper” and combine these elements to result in both strength and flexibility.  Although the angel pictured in the card is in the process of combining elements, the sunrise on the left side of the card and the irises on the right side both promise a new day.  Whatever challenge F.A. is facing, his/her Higher Self is at work protecting the process.

The spotlight is moving toward the three of  pentacles, which advises F.A. to work with others rather than try to “go it alone,”  to add his/her unique contribution as part of a greater effort.  He/she is not responsible for the entire project.  The situation that F.A. has asked about represents an opportunity to contribute toward a greater benefit/good/result.

The summary card is the Devil, which warns of a tendency to give away one’s power and permit other(s) to determine what one can and cannot do.  It cautions the seeker not to give in to any reasons “why not.”   It is consistent with the reading so far.  F.A. is being encouraged to take back his/her power, lift the chain from around his/her neck, and proceed with the work at hand.  He/she is being cautioned NOT to get lost in the past but to be aware of his/her unique contribution to the area in question and to be encouraged by knowing that the situation is nowhere near as dire as he/she might suspect.

Does this make sense?

I hope this reading has been helpful.


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