3-Card Reading for H.P.

Four of Swords   Page of Pentacles   Ace of Cups                                          Queen of Cups

H.P. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth card is read as a summary after the discussion of the first three has finished.  There are no pairs of numbers, suits, or Major Arcana in the first three, so this reading is about H.P.’s daily reality rather than about life lessons.

The four of swords is where the spotlight has recently been.  It says that H.P. has a tendency to withdraw in the face of conflict in order to feel safe.  The caveat to this position is the limiting self-belief that one is defined as a giver or a receiver.  Actually, we are all both, and no one can give unless there is someone to receive, and vice-versa; one position is not better or higher than the other.  This is also a card that hints at a potential “stuck” place at the power/polarity level where te seeker feels competitive and judged at every turn of the path.  Ethel Lombardi, the Mari-El Master, taught, “What somebody else thinks of me is none of my business.”  It is time to heal the limiting self-defining beliefs that lead to withdrawal when differences are perceived as conflicts.

The spotlight is on the valuable work that H.P. has chosen. (S)he is on her/his way, following the path toward the ideal (s) has chosen and committed to.  The only caution in this card is not to get lost in the dream.  H.P. should be aware of her/his surroundings and dedicate the majority of her/his energy toward reaching that goal.

The spotlight is moving toward the Ace of Cups, a triumph of H.P.’s being all of who she/he is.  This is such a beautiful card that says people like to be around H.P. because they always feel better having spent time with her/him, not because of anything specific that she/he does, but just because of who H.P. is.  (S)he serves as a resource to others without asking anything in return.

The Queen of Cups is drawn as a summary card and is fully consistent with the reading so far.  H.P. is a very feeling person and is in touch with her/his feelings.  However, there is one set of feelings that H.P. would prefer to keep covered, the “negative” ones of fear, anger, and grief.  No wonder there is a tendency to withdraw instead of dealing with them.  the message of the reading is clear, it is time to lift the lid and acknowledge these feelings, learn to deal effectively with them, and get “unstuck” so that the journey can continue.  There are many effective materials and techniques that relate to these issues. I recommend Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work on the HeartWall and Theta Healing as outstanding examples.  You have so much to offer, H.P., don’t let this slow you down.

Good luck.

I hope this was helpful.

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