3-Card Reading for G.T.

Queen of Swords   Eight of Swords   Five of Cups                             Ace of Pentacles

G.T. has submitted the cards above for interpretation. The first group of three cards is the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth card is drawn after the first group has been interpreted and functions as a summary or a clarifier.  Since there are two swords in the first group of three, this reading is focused on overcoming conflict.

The spotlight has been on the Queen of Swords, which represents the fact that G.T.. has been in the midst of a tremendous transition that affects the entire form her/his life is taking, similar to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  The Queen of Swords here indicates that (s)he has been questioning EVERYTHING, even what (s)he wants to be when (s)he grows up.  Many truths that (s)he thought (s)he understood are being examined and questioned at this time, and (s)he is no longer sure of what (s)he can count on and/or take for granted.  Some of what’s been going on in her/his life recently has been crazy-making.  The good news is that (s)he’s more than half-way through the transition, and soon the whole life picture will become clearer.

The spotlight now is on the eight of swords.  G.T. has lost perspective on the situation and believes (s)he has no choices.  (S)he is taking things much too seriously and feels tied up in knots and blindfolded.  The truth of the matter is that those knots are not very tight.  If G.T.  can only shrug her/his shoulders and stop treating the current situation as a life or death matter, the bonds will loosen, the hands freed, the blindfold can be removed, and the current reality can be viewed in its proper perspective.  With her/his hands free and eyes opened, G.T. can move to higher ground.

The spotlight is moving toward the five of cups, mourning a loss.  This can be anything from mildly missing someone who is temporarily away and out of touch to the grief caused by the death of a loved one.  It is the perception of someone/something missing that this card addresses.  Dealing with loss in life is realistic as long as one does not get stuck there. Again, G.T. is being urged to recognize that resource is always at hand, and a change of perspective is in order.  Focusing on the two cups that remain standing instead of on the three cups that have been spilled is a step in the right direction.  Choosing action, like in the eight of swords, is preferable to inaction.  Realizing that a PROCESS is taking place and allowing enough time and space to handle it gently and gracefully is the way out of what looks like a “down” position.

The summary card is the Ace of Pentacles, a triumph of integrity.  It looks like G.T. will emerge from this situation with her/his integrity intact and serve as a shining example to others.  (S)he will come through this experience of having felt crazy, powerless, and alone to emerge as a beautiful inspiration to all those around her/him.

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