3-card Reading for S.E.

The Hierophant   Eight of Cups   Nine of Cups                                          Death

S.E. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards represent the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit; the fourth card is drawn after the first three have been read and serves as a summary or clarifier.  Since there are two cups in the first group, it is safe to say that this is a reading involving feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities.  The first card is a member of the Major Arcana, so there is a focus/connection to S.E.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

The spotlight has been on the Hierophant, sometimes called the Pope or the High Priest. He is privvy to secret occult knowledge and acts as an intermediary between the realms of the sacred (secret) and the profane (everyday). He represents the gift of Intuition or Inner Knowing.  His presence in this reading suggests that S.E. has, indeed, been given the gift of Intuition, but sometimes, in an effort to be of service to others, (s)he tells too much.  The message of the card is to acknowledge the gift, strengthen it by relying on it, AND guard the words that are shared with others.  By choosing how much to tell, when and where to tell it, and to whom, S.E. will be well-served by the gift, so that the messages can and will be a blessing to others.

The spotlight is now on the eight of cups, which depicts someone dissatisfied with the gifts/abilities now in place who has gone off in search of what is missing to complete the arrangement. By focusing on what (s)he doesn’t have, S.E. is out of alignment with the energies contained in the eight cups that are present, and her/his ability to manifest results based on the flow of those energies is thwarted.  This pattern often appears when the seeker is taking things too personally and feeling responsible for EVERYTHING, even elements that are out of her/his control.  Being responsible means being able to respond to what is.

The spotlight is moving toward the nine of cups, which is, in part, an answer to the previous eight.  S.E. is being told that (s)he has everything (s)he needs and that it is time to put those resources to work, not leave them sitting on the shelf like trophies amassed for others to admire.  (S)he has accumulated a veritable treasure of feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities that can make a huge difference in the world if they are shared.  Only then can they flow.

The summary card of Death brings clarity to the apparent dilemma of withholding or sharing the gifts S.E. has.  It is the FORM of the giving that needs to change.  The Death card does not represent a physical death because nothing truly dies, it only changes form.  S.E. is being urged to let go of the old way of using her intuition and embrace a new way.  (S)he is to let the old way “die,” and recognize a new way (that has already made its presence known) because the old form has outlived its usefulness.

Does this make sense?

I hope it was helpful.


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