3-Card Reading for P.S.

Two of Wands    Ten of Wands    Ten of Cups                                 Ace of Cups

P.S. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The three first cards are the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth card is then drawn as a summary or a clarifier.  Since there are two wands in the first group, this reading is focused on P.S.’s skills and talents; there are also two tens, so P.S. is being asked to employ some discernment in handling the issue that prompted this reading.

The spotlight has been on the two of wands, which speaks of the need for P.S. to make a decision and choose which path (s)he is going to follow, the one which relies on the safe, the sure, and the practical, or the one that is based on P.S.’s skills and talents.  The card reassures the seeker that (s)he has more resources and abilities than (s)he is aware of, and it urges her/him to choose the way of the wands, temporarily putting aside that which the earth represents.  There is a good possibility that her/his abilities will double if the wands are chosen.

The spotlight is now on the ten of wands which shows P.S. burdened by just how talented (s)he is.  Unless (s)he can use some discernment and choose which one or ones with which to lead and bundle the rest, her/his progress will be significantly slowed.  (S)he need not leave any of the skills and/or talents behind, but displaying all of them at once is a mistake.

The spotlight is moving toward the ten of cups, another lesson in discernment.  (S)he will have to pick and choose whom (s)he will treat as “family” and allow access to the more intimate details of her/his life.  As with the ten of wands, a choice that reflects the highest good is essential for progress and success.

The summary card is the Ace of Cups, a triumph of feelings, relationships, and psychic abilities.  Based on the three previous cards, this fourth card gives P.S.  the end result of making correct, informed choices.  By asking her/him to rely on the many skills and talents (s)he possesses and using some discernment as to which one or ones are presented and to whom, this reading is a powerful and positive affirmation of P.S.’s becoming a resource for any and all who connect with her/his energy field.  Others will be inspired and feel better about their own abilities if they even spend time with P.S. simply because of who (s)he is.

Does this make sense?

I hope this was helpful.

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