3-Card Reading for O.W.

The Empress    High Priestess    Seven of Pentacles                                      The Magician

O.W. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading, and after those have been read, the fourth card is interpreted as a summary or a clarifier.  Since two out of the first three are members of the  Major Arcana, we know that this is a reading involving O.W.’s  soul’s agenda for this lifetime, some item(s) put on the “to do” list prior to this incarnation.  The agenda list is held by the Higher Self, who keeps creating opportunities for  O.W. to master that which (s)he set out to do this time around.  Once the item is mastered, it gets crossed off the list, but until that happens, the Higher Self keeps creating environments and chances for O.W. to “get it.”

The spotlight has been on the Empress, which represents O.W.’s unlimited creativity that (s)he has taken for granted up to this point.  The  empress is the card of active female energy that is present in both males and females.  It speaks of the ability to put things together in new and innovative ways and usually carries a good sense of humor along with its gift.  The Empress is able to give birth to some “wild and crazy” manifestations because she sees, hears, senses, and links elements in unconventional ways. She doesn’t always stick around to support and nurture her creations.

The spotlight is now on the High Priestess, who represents the Gift of Knowledge.  This is passive female energy, also available to both males and females.  In order for this profound knowledge to flow, the seeker must be in a quiet, calm, balanced, steady place so that her/his vibration aligns with that of the High Priestess.  O.W. must put her/himself in a receptive/meditative state in order to access the knowledge that is already within her/himself.

The spotlight is moving onto the seven of pentacles, the nostalgia card, that says O.W. has a tendency to activate what (s)he used to do, have, or be in the past.  This is a perspective that elevates the emotional appeal of an earlier time when everything seemed simpler, easier, and less complicated.  This is misplaced energy that blocks the flow of personal investment into the NOW.  The message of the card is to know that whatever it took to make what was planted bloom and grow is readily available if the seeker can focus on the present.

The Magician is the summary card, and the presence of another member of the Major Arcana is a profound affirmation that O.W. has everything (s)he needs to manifest that which (s)he put on the soul’s agenda for this lifetime.  Some discernment is warranted to use the best tool(s) for the job since all four suit symbols are on the Magician’s table, but this is one of the strongest encouragements I have ever seen for O.W. to understand that (s)he has wonderful abilities, and the time is NOW to just do it.

Does this make sense?

I hope it is helpful.

Go for it, O.W.


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