3-Card Reading for I.E.

Ace of Wands    The Magician    The Tower                                             Six of Wands

I.E. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and read as a unit, and then the fourth card is read as a summary or clarifier.  The first group of three not only contains two members of the Major Arcana, but it contains two ones, the ace and the Magician.  This means that this reading is focused on I.E.’s soul’s agenda or plan for this lifetime and is further focused on I.E.’s leading, controlling, and directing what is happening at this time.

The spotlight has been highlighting I.E.’s triumph, as shown by the ace of wands, in taking back the power to lead her/his own life.  This usually entails becoming aware of “energy leaks,” where someone or something other than the seeker has been given the power to manage and/or run the seeker’s life.  Withdrawing power from that source/resource by neutralizing any karmic, magnetic, inherited, or hidden tendency to allow other(s) to set the directions, tone, goals, and priorities returns the power to its rightful owner and frees her/him.

The spotlight is now focused on I.E.’s ability to make things happen as though by magic.  The Magician is active male energy that channels ideas and concepts from the higher realms into concrete reality in the here and now. This card can apply to either a male or female and indicates that I.E. has the ability to do this; (s)he has all the tools necessary at her/his disposal.  Some discernment is advised in choosing the best tool to use to get the job done.

The spotlight is moving toward the Tower, a card of sudden insight and awareness that crumbles a previously-built structure, project, method, perception, goal, and/or plan where I.E. had been heading, up until that awareness came through.  This is like the advertisement where someone smacks her/his head and proclaims, “Gee, I could’ve had a V-8!!!”  Aligning with the new insight involves abandoning “the old way” and starting over building on a new foundation.

The summary card is the six of wands, the lesson of the good leader.  Whatever glory I.E. has achieved up until now has been the result of a group effort, and I.E. is well-served to remember that.  Even though (s)he may be in a leadership position, (s)he should maintain her/his connection to the group by getting down from the horse from time to time and allowing someone else to ride in her/his place.

Does this make sense?

I hope it was helpful.

Read more about this kind of cardreading by consulting earlier offerings at this blog site, and explore all of the 78 cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck at tarotforalltime.com  Thank you.

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