3-Card Reading for D.B.

Two of Wands    King of Cups   Six of Cups                                    The Chariot

D.B. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit; the fourth card is drawn as a summary or clarifier. Since two out of the first three are cups, this is a reading focused on D.B.’s feelings, emotions, relationships and/or psychic abilities.  Because there are no other pairs of suits or numbers, and there are no members of the Major Arcana in this first grouping, this is a reading that primarily focuses on D.B.’s everyday life.

The spotlight has been on the two of wands, which speaks to D.B.’s being at a crossroads where (s)he has to choose whether to go with the safe, sure,practical path or take on some risk and rely on her/his skills and talents.  The card says that D.B. has more going for her/him than (s)he realizes–see the extra wand on the right that is being held in reserve. This card urges D.B to put aside the globe, the slow, steady path, and choose to use the second wand as well as the first.

The spotlight has been on the King of Cups, the Master of the realm.  This card applies to both males and females and represents the ability to be fully and completely balanced, in touch with all feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities, to be able to ride the ups and downs of this watery realm and not even get one’s foot wet.  The only drawback to this position is that others who are willing participants in the “drama,” might accuse D.B. of having no compassion, which is not at all true. The king is fully aware of it all and is able to rise above it.

The spotlight is moving toward D.B.’s healing her/his self-perception that (s)he is unlovable.  The gray area of the six of cups card speaks to the actions and reactions of the past where society and/or the status quo has turned its back on D.B. and judged a loving relationship as inappropriate.  Healing the hurt caused by this attitude in the past allows D.B. to see that love is all around her/him, and it’s time to take off the gloves and become a full participant in the loving relationship that is flowering and thriving.

The summary card is the Chariot, a member of the Major Arcana.  This indicates that the three cards already read are, indeed, tied to D.B.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime.  The Chariot says that it is time to abandon the vehicle that no longer moves D.B. forward and find another vehicle.   It will be exciting to see what comes up for D.B. in the near future.  Good luck.

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