3-Card Reading for A.A.

Eight of Wands   Three of Swords   High Priestess                                              King of Cups

A.A. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit; the fourth card is then drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since there are not two or more of any particular suit or number, this is more of a general reading.  We do not ask those who submit cards to tell us what prompted this draw or what the specific question is/was that these cards answer.  Frequently, we later learn that the seeker has asked something along the lines of, “Please give me some insight into what would be most helpful for me to know at this time.”

The spotlight has been on the eight of wands, one of the “timing” cards in the tarot deck.  This card promises that some effort to launch one’s skills and talents to the next logical step upward is getting ready to land, and it shows up to alert the seeker to get ready to integrate the new level of awareness/talent/ability into her/his daily life.  Because this card is in the position of the recent past, it is safe to say that the wands have landed, and the next card speaks of the necessary awareness and procedure to follow.

The three of swords is where the spotlight is right now, so A.A. may or may not be aware that what (s)he wished for has arrived.  It seems there is some healing work that needs to be done in order to clear the way for this new level to manifest.  These are old hurts that resulted in heartache, and it is time to remove each of the swords gently to acknowledge what they were, why they are still active, and heal/complete whatever lessons A.A. learned from them.  Complete and total forgiveness is also requested for A.A. and any others involved.

The spotlight is moving onto the High Priestess, a member of the Major Arcana, who represents the Gift of Knowing.  This card tells A.A. that (s)he must get to a quiet, calm, balanced place to access the knowing within, the knowing that (s)he already has.  If (s)he is not already meditating, it is certainly suggested here.

The king of cups is the summary card, assuring A.A. that (s)he has indeed received whatever (s)he asked for to complete the next step in expanding her/his abilities. (S)he is a master over the feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities (s)he possesses. This feels like a reassuring reading.  You have what you wanted A.A.: now, enjoy it and good luck.

Does this make sense?

I hope it was helpful.

For more information on the positive and helpful uses of the Rider-Waite deck, see tarotforalltime.com 

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