3-Card Reading for P.F.

DeathKnight of CupsWheel of Fortune                                          Six of Pentacles

P.F. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The three cards drawn first are the “heart” of the reading, and the fourth card is then drawn as a summary or clarifier.  Since two out of the first three are members of the Major Arcana, it is safe to say that this reading focuses mainly on P.F.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

The spotlight has been on the Death card, which is a clear indication that the FORM P.F. has been using must be allowed to die because it is no longer viable and has already been replaced with a a new form.  This is not a card of personal death or an announcement of someone’s death. The Law of Conservation of Energy says that nothing ever dies; it only changes form.

The spotlight is now on the Knight of Cups, who is exploring the new form, the new way, very carefully.  This card indicates that P.F. is moving very cautiously into the new form because (s)he doesn’t want to make a mistake.  Progress is slowed almost to a halt when this card appears.  It’s as if the knight is so worried that the contents of the cup will spill, the (s)he is being consumed with worry, afraid to make a mistake.  The message of the card is that this is a misplaced energy investment; resource is always at hand, and it behooves the knight to move as quickly as possible through this area.  If you are human, you will make mistakes.  The wisdom is to learn from the mistakes and not keep repeating them.

The spotlight is moving toward the Wheel of Fortune, which bears the number ten, a need to use discernment.  P.F.’s higher self holds the agenda for this lifetime, all the things P.F. chose to tackle and master in this incarnation, has placed them on the ever-rotating wheel of life, and keeps creating opportunities for P.F. to fulfill that task.  Each time that P.F. doesn’t quite “get it,” the higher self says, “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure to give you another chance.”  It is only when the agenda item has been mastered that it can be removed from the wheel, so that it doesn’t keep coming around again.  Therefore, P.F. is being asked to use some discernment in identifying PATTERNS in her/his life, situations that feel similar to the one in focus now, to unveil the lesson(s) (s)he chose to learn.

The summary card is the six of pentacles.  The sixes are cards of service and healing, and the pentacles represent values and priorities.  P.F. is being told in this reading to take care of her/himself FIRST.  Although P.F. is committed to helping others, (s)he must focus on her/himself before (s)he attempts to give, or (s)he will have nothing to give.  Also, if the only reason for giving is peer pressure or a “should” motivation, there is often a thread of resentment that accompanies the giving, and the receiver is getting a slightly tainted gift.  If one’s own needs are met first, then the giving can be from love and abundance, a much more satisfying exchange.

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