3-Card Reading for N.V.

Knight of Wands The Moon  Wheel of Fortune                                         Six of Wands

N.V. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are read as a unit, and then the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since the first group contains two members of the Major Arcana, it is safe to say that this reading focuses on N.V.’s soul’s purpose and has far-reaching effects.

The spotlight has been on the Knight of Wands, which represents N.V.’s concern that (s)he has energy and skill enough to see the journey through to its completion.  The message of the card is that the seeker has the skills and talents and more than enough energy to keep going and complete the quest with even some more to spare.

The spotlight is now on the Moon, which represents the reappearance of issue(s) that N.V. was sure had already been addresses and put to rest a long time ago. (S)he is wondering what and why this is (doing) back in her/his life.  The answer is that N.V. is not the same person (s)he was when it/they first appeared. (S)he has grown, developed, and changed since the last time this/these appeared in her/his life. (S)he is far better able to handle whatever is involved in mastering the issue(s) at hand now.  It is time to celebrate a new opportunity to master more, if not all, of the situation.

The spotlight is moving toward the Wheel of Fortune, which emphasizes the nature of the challenge facing N.V. at this time.  N.V. is encouraged to recognize and identify the pattern and its manifestation that (s)he is facing and figure out the lesson (s)he chose to master in this lifetime.  Since the first two cards in the reading contain information in response to her/his query, the issue may relate to believing in her/himself and having enough energy to complete and master the challenge at hand instead of giving up.

The summary card is the six of wands, the lesson of the good leader, which addresses the issue of doing it all alone vs. claiming victory for a group effort.  It is absolutely necessary for N.V. to acknowledge that her/his reputation as a leader/winner is directly due to her/his participation in a group of friends, colleagues, family, etc. and to share the benefits this victory represents with the other participants.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.

See more information at http://www.tarotforalltime.com and submit your own 3+1 cards for interpretation by emailing the author.  Please remember that the cards you draw are in response to the request for insight into a particular issue.  You are in charge of your life and must make your own choices and decisions.  The tarot cards were designed to help you make better, more informed plans.

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