3-Card Reading for Y.T.

Seven of PentaclesQueen of CupsThe Devil                                                    The Magician


Y.T. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit; the fourth card is then drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since no suit and/or number repeats in the first group of three, this seems to be a general reading affecting Y.T’s daily life, but there does seem to be a theme of inaction, questioning one’s capabilities, and possible depression.  The tarot is useful in defining the challenges and making suggestions for meeting them successfully.

The spotlight has been on the seven of pentacles, the reluctant and nostalgic gardener.  Y.T. has been treading water in memories of the past, when life seemed simpler, easier, and more fulfilling.  Her/his focus has been on the interactions and involvements that took place years ago and added to the richness of her/his life.  Y.T. needs to be encouraged to focus on the task at hand in the here and now, the young plant at her/his feet.  There is nothing wrong with remembering the people and activities that helped Y.T. to grow, but it is a mistake to remain stuck there, especially if there is remorse and/or regret attached to any of it that is leaving Y.T. wondering about her/his ability to deal effectively with what (s)he now finds in her/his reality.  (S)he is gazing at the indisputable proof that (s)he’s got what it takes to help her/his life bloom and grow and there is nothing preventing her/him from applying what (s)he has learned from the past to produce the same results now.

The spotlight is now on the Queen of Cups, which does seem to be challenging Y.T.’s progress.  This card says that Y.T. is on her/his way to mastering the emotional and psychic realm but must deal with the group of feelings (s)he has kept covered up to this point.  These are usually the negative repressed feelings that one is hesitant to express because of their nature, scope, and content.  There are many readily available methods for dealing with these; I highly recommend Bradley Nelson’s The Emotion Code  coupled with Theta Healing to identify and release what is in the cup.  Once these are cleared, the journey can continue.

The spotlight is moving toward the Devil, another potential block to progress.  When this card appears, it means the seeker must come face to face with having given up her/his power to other people or to the  situation itself and feeling like (s)he doesn’t count.  Please notice that the chains around the necks of the devil’s prisoners are not tight and can be removed easily.  The devil’s power is dependent on the willing participation of the “victims.”  If someone stands up and yells, “I’m the boss,” and no one objects, then (s)he is de facto the boss.  All it takes is one voice saying, “The hell you are” to challenge and negate this power.  Y.T. must remind her/himself that (s)he is in charge.

The fourth (summary) card is the Magician, which clearly affirms Y.T.’s power to create her/his own reality, to channel energies from other dimensions into manifestation.  (S)he has all the tools available to her/him and must only use some discernment to use the most appropriate too(s)l to get the job done.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  Read more in Tarot for All Time, available in paperback and downloaded PDF format.  See http://tarotforalltime.com

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