3-Card Reading for W.T.

Two of Pentacles     Page of Pentacles    Ten of Swords                                       King of Swords

W.T. has submitted the cards above for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  since two out of the first three cards are pentacles, it is safe to say that this reading is focused on values and priorities.

The spotlight has been on the false assumption that a choice must be made between two mutually exclusive options. This is the “but” dance.  W.T. has convinced her/himself that the two goals/outcomes (s)he desires are in conflict with each other, and (s)he has been dancing around this issue for a while.  The card suggests that the way to resolve all this is to relax enough to substitute the word “and” for the word “but.”  Instead of “I want this, BUT I also want that,”  W.T. is being asked to phrase it as, “I want this, AND I also want that.”  Although a seemingly small change, this allows/creates a reality where both outcomes exist, and W.T. can stop dancing.  I know there are several telemarketers shaking their heads when I answer their sales pitch with, “That sounds like a fine product, AND I’m not going to purchase it.”

The spotlight is now on the Page of Pentacles, who has chosen to follow her/his dream. (S)he is letting the light of her/his values lead the way along the path to mastery and has already taken the first steps in that direction.  Since (s)he is at the beginning of the journey, there are some words of advice to always be aware of the environment and to not get lost in the dream.  W.T. would be well-served to exercise caution and restraint and not go racing ahead full-steam to get there quickly.  (S)he is on her/his way.

The spotlight is moving toward the ten of swords.  As a ten, this card urges discernment.  Please note, the red color in the card is not the seeker’s blood, it is her/his cape.  The swords are psychological swords. and the key to understanding the meaning of this card lies in the seeker’s right hand; (s)he entered the situation to bring it a blessing but failed to discern if the situation needed and wanted the blessing (s)he was bringing.  This is sometimes called the “don’t cast pearls before swine” card, not because swine are lowly and dirty; swine simply have no use for pearls.  A new day is dawning, and the seeker will arise again, hopefully wiser.  W.T. is being told, “Before you enter a situation to bring it a blessing, pause on the threshold and use discernment to see if the gift you are bringing will be received in the spirit in which it is offered.  If it will not be, please pick up your toys and go play somewhere else.”

The summary card is the King of Swords, which gives W.T. the right and the ability to become the authority, the voice of decision that cuts through any other process.  It is clear from the cards that have led up to this one that W.T. has been attempting to reconcile some apparent discrepancies in order to remain consistent with her/his values.  (S)he is being cautioned that the situation requires a firm unilateral decision on her/his part to resolve the conflict, not a vote by the participants.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  There is more information on how to use tarot cards in a positive way in my book, Tarot for All Time, featured on tarotforalltime.com and available in paperback and downloadable PDF.


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