3-Card Reading for S.D.

Knight of Cups  Ace of Swords   Eight of Cups                                             Four of Pentacles

S.D. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or a clarifier.  Since two out of the first three are cups, it is safe to say that the reading is focused on feelings. emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities.

The spotlight has been on the knight of cups that indicates S.D. has been proceeding cautiously so as to not make a mistake.  In this case, it looks like an excessive degree of caution is dictating the scope and speed of S.D.’s life.  The advice of the card is to give yourself permission to make mistakes, knowing that resource is always at hand.  Don’t allow the fear of what might happen to slow you down or limit your full participation in life.

The spotlight is now on the Ace of Swords, a triumph over conflict.  This is a perfect reinforcement of the advice of the first card.  Figure out what you want and go for it, temporarily ignoring everything and everyone else.  Single-pointed determination will see you through, and then you can work on any hurt feelings that may have occurred in the process.

The spotlight is moving toward the eight of cups, advice on setting your emotional attitude toward a more positive tone.  Please stop taking everything personally.  Stuff happens, and it’s not always because of anything YOU said or did.  As long as you are dissatisfied with “what is,” blaming yourself, and running off to find what you feel is missing, you are creating an unnecessary side-trip that delays your getting what you want.  If you can find a way to value what you have, you automatically invite more of it.

The summary card is the four of pentacles, which totally fits the picture painted so far.  You have spent a great deal of time and effort figuring out what’s important in life, where you stand, how you feel, and what you think.  The truth of the matter is that all those values at this time lie outside of you and have tied up all your energy in their pursuit and maintenance.  Until you understand that YOU are valuable and that you can always count on yourself, you will find yourself in a somewhat precarious and unstable situation.  It’s time to re-adjust your priorities.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information on using tarot cards in a positive way to gain insight see http://www.tarotforalltime.com

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