3-Card Reading for P.S.

Page of Pentacles  Three of Wands   Judgement                                                   The World

P.S.  has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  the first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier. There are not two or more of any suit or number, but the presence of a member of the Major Arcana (Judgement) hints at a possibly greater environment and/or influence of this reading,  In other words, this reading gives insight into an everyday situation as well as into a broader behavior pattern that is part of P.S.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

The spotlight has been on the Page of Pentacles; P.S. has begun to follow her/his dream.  (S)he is at the beginning of the journey toward the ideal and has chosen to allow her/his values and priorities to light the way.  The only caution in this situation is not to get lost in the dream.  This card indicates that the journey is one of integrity, and P.S.’s gentle handling of the situation is entirely appropriate.

The spotlight is now on the three of wands that shows P.S. having recently completed a project or endeavor, standing at a higher perspective and observing that which has been launched.  The person and/or project that has been the focus of P.S.’s attention recently is now on its own.  P.S. may have hopes and wishes invested in its success, but the reality is that P.S. is no longer in control and must let go and allow the project to continue and develop on its own.  Working on this recent energy investment has garnered P.S. some new skills and talents, and (s)he is being told to reach for those now instead of simply returning to the same old thing(s) (s)he used to do in the past.

The spotlight is moving toward dealing with P.S.’s false perception that a choice must be made between helping others and helping her/himself.  The Judgement card emphasizes the connection between life and afterlife, between the human and angelic realms, and how sounding the note of love and compassion allows everyone and everything to respond.  It is a truism that if you take responsibility for yourself, you have done a service to humanity because you are not leaving your “stuff” around for someone else to have to deal with and clean up.  You cannot help yourself without helping others.

The World is the summary card, a beautiful affirmation of P.S.’s journey so far and a confirmation of the connection to the bigger picture.  This card is sometimes called the “Graduation Card.”  It certainly speaks to P.S.’s having completed one level of the journey and supports her/his movement into the next phase.  The figure shown in the card holds  a wand (diploma?) in each hand and is surrounded by symbols of the fixed astrological signs, focusing on the management aspects of the journey.  It says,”You’ve got what it takes; now, where are you going to take it?”  Clearly, the focus for P.S. must be on the future, and the direction chosen is open-ended.    Good luck, P.S. and congratulations.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.

For more information on using tarot cards in a positive way for insight and information, go to http://www.tarotforalltime.com  The book is available in both paperback and PDF format.  Thank you.

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