3-Card Reading for R.B.

The Hierophant   The Hanged Man   The Fool                                       Strength

R.B. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since all of the cards in this reading are members of the Major Arcana, it is safe to say that this reading is very powerful and relates completely to R.B.’s soul’s agenda.  It addresses the work R.B. has come into this lifetime to accomplish, the lessons to be mastered, the patterns and/or themes that have been appearing in her/his life so far, and the expansion of consciousness that R.B. has been seeking.

The spotlight has been on  the Hierophant, sometimes known as the High Priest or the Pope.  This is the card that speaks of the gift of intuition, inner knowing.  There is no question that R.B. is highly intuitive; the card carries a caution, however, to guard one’s words and never tell all.  The position of the central figure’s right hand holds the key to the card’s meaning.  Its appearance in this reading says that in an effort to help, R.B. sometimes tells too much.  If R.B. will continue to rely on her/his intuition, it will get stronger and clearer; nonetheless, (s)he must select carefully what is shared with others so that her/his words will truly be a blessing.

The spotlight is now on the Hanged Man, one of the timing cards in the tarot.  This is a virtual “time out,” where R.B. may feel very frustrated that nothing seems to be happening as far as forward progress is concerned.  All the energy-movement in this card is going on inside the seeker as (s)he takes some time to gain a new perspective.  The halo around the figure’s head is an indication of the benefit(s) gained by doing this.

The spotlight is moving toward the Fool, a leap of faith.  Once R.B. has made it through the challenge of the Hanged Man, (s)he will be asked to make a major decision that involves following her/his dream.  This card appears when the universe has set up the ideal environment and timing for the seeker to follow her/his path, and the seeker is then responsible for taking the first step.  Only when the Fool steps off the cliff do the sleeves of her/his outfit turn into wings so (s)he can fly.

The summary card is Strength, which urges R.B. to raise her/his vibration so that it is consistent with the new undertaking at hand.  This card appears when the seeker is attempting to move too quickly before all the parts are in place.  Unless the seeker is a vibrational match to the desired path (dream), there can be no flow, only static.  The cards are telling R.B. that it’s time for some self-examination and reflection to get ready for the next big step.  Good luck, R.B.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information on using tarot cards for insight and information, please see http://www.tarotforalltime.com   Thank you.

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