3-Card Reading for C.R.

Ten of Swords   Queen of Wands   The Magician                           Seven of Pentacles

C.R. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since two out of the first three are ones (10=1+0=1), it is safe to say that this reading focuses on leading, controlling, and directing action in whatever situation C.R. has chosen to ask about.

The spotlight has been on the ten of swords, a card of discernment.  Please note, the red color in the card is not blood; it is the seeker’s cloak.  The key to this card lies in the  figure’s right hand.  He walked into the situation to bring it a blessing.  However, he neglected to discern if the situation needed and wanted the blessing he was bringing, and he got stabbed in the back by the very parties for whom the blessing was intended.  The advice of the card is to make very sure that BEFORE you give–of your time, your money, your advice, or  anything else–you make sure that it will be received in the spirit with which it is offered, OR you pick up your toys and go play somewhere else.  No, C.R., this didn’t kill you, but it certainly didn’t turn out the way you intended.

The spotlight is now on the queen of wands, a moment of doubt that indicates C.R. feels just a bit defensive about her/his skills and has invested some energy in distancing her/himself from the group in which (s)he is a participant.  What an interesting follow-up to that first card!  It is vital that C.R. not allow the opinions of others to diminish what (s)he knows (s)he can do and do well.  The challenge here is for C.R. to maintain her/his confidence and empowerment and still believe enough in her/his skills to avoid painting her/himself as weak in an effort to appease others.

The spotlight is moving toward the Magician, another reference to the abilities C.R. has to make things happen as if by magic.  (S)he is one of the movers and shakers in the world and has every tool available to her/him.  The only challenge to this position is choosing the best tool to get the job done.

The summary card is the seven of pentacles, the nostalgia card.  It’s a good thing to see what your efforts in the past have produced as long as you can focus on the issue right in front of you.  Becoming excessively sentimental about the “good old days” is a trap because it drains your energy to be present.  Whatever produced the beautiful growth on the left of the picture is still available to be applied to the new growth at the seeker’s feet, and it’s time to get to work on it.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information on using the tarot for insight and guidance, please see http://www.tarotforalltime.com   Thank you.

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