3_Card Reading for S.B.


S.B. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn as a summary or clarifier.  Since two out of the first three are wands, it is safe to say this is a reading that focuses on S.B.’s skills and talents.

The spotlight has been on the queen of cups, blocked and/or repressed emotions.  Sometimes this manifests as a vague feeling of unease and/or discomfort, usually accompanied by fatigue.  S.B. has spent a lot of time and energy getting in touch with her/his emotions and mastering/controlling them, but the group of negative emotions (the fear, sadness, anger, depression, etc.) has been temporarily put inside the covered cup.  S.B. is reluctant to address these, but this choice now has her/him stuck.  The cup has become heavy, requiring both hands to support it, and it’s time to lift the lid.  The message of the card is to find a safe and efficient way to acknowledge and release them so that S.B. can move on.  There are many therapies and methods available to do this; I recommend Dr.Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code for identifying the components and Theta Healing to release them and replace them with whatever the Creator deems most appropriate.

The spotlight is now on the page of wands, dedicating the use of one’s skills and talents to the pursuit of mastery.  Considering the first card drawn, it looks like S.B. has resolved to be more present with her/his feelings from this time forward as well as explore/use the skills and talents (s)he has developed.  This card appears when the seeker has made the commitment and taken the first steps.

The spotlight is moving toward the five of wands, being able to take it as well as dish it out.  This card shows the central figure in the red coat and hat apparently being the designated target for the rest of the group because (s)he is different.  Even though the seeker may doubt her/his decision to “play” with this group of ruffians and may question whether (s)he has any influence on the group’s behavior, this card appears to let her/him know that all (s)he has to do is “hang in there” to earn the acceptance and respect from the others.

The summary card is the Lovers, the gift of healing.  S.B. has been given the ability to provide the support and permission for others to heal themselves if they so choose.  Notice that the connection in the card is through the angel; the participants are not physically linked.  It looks like S.B. is being given strong encouragement that after removing the blocked emotions and rededicating her/himself to using her/his skills and talents, (s)he can persevere and emerge the Healer (s)he wishes to be.  Good luck, S.B..

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information on using tarot cards for insight and guidance, please see http://www.tarotforalltime.com and consider purchasing the book Tarot for All Time, which is now 25% off at Lulu.com  http://www.lulu.com/shop/sue-ellen-kolman/tarot-for-all-time-an-intuitive-guide/paperback/product-21349858.html   Thank you.



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