3-Card Reading for R.R.


R.R. has submitted the above cards for interpretation.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since we do not find two-or-more of a kind and/or number until we get to the second wand in the summary card, it is safe to say that this reading is general in nature rather than specifically focused.

The spotlight has been on the Empress, a card of unlimited creativity.  R.R., you have been given this gift, which usually includes a robust sense of humor.  You have the ability to put things together in new and exciting ways, see potentials that others miss, and express yourself in ways that appeal to many levels of understanding and appreciation.  You sometimes behave in ways that others label “outrageous,” while at the same time, they admire your abilities.  You give birth to many new ideas, yet you do not usually stick around to nurture them and watch them grow.  When this card appears, it signals a fun and exciting time in your life.

The spotlight is now on the queen of wands, the cautious side of your existence.  Even though your skills and talents are recognized, R.R., and others gather around you to share your expertise, you have that cat sitting in front of you.  The cat demands that others keep their distance, and it guards your space like an insurance policy, just in case things don’t turn out as expected.  All the queens are fours (13=1+3=4), and they address what you need and want in order to feel safe.  The cat is your “hold harmless” clause that precedes any involvement on your part.  It’s a warning to others that there are no guarantees and allows a “Well, I did tell you that at the outset,” that redirects blame and responsibility should they enter the picture.  It’s time to let go of the cat.

The spotlight is moving toward the page of swords, the testing card.  This card affirms the position/choice you made a while ago, R.R., regarding the path you wish to pursue.  No sooner have you made the commitment to steer your efforts in a particular direction than a challenge and/or temptation appears to test the strength of that decision.  Only by sticking with your plan and strengthening your resolve can you make it to the next level.  The advice of the card is, “If you wish to be who you say you are and do what you say you want to do,  this is just something you’re going to have to get through in order to arrive at your destination.”  Keep going.

The summary card is the seven of wands, defensiveness.  Old habits are hard to break, and the first three cards have shown you, R.R., your default perspective from which you have been operating.  When you fear getting attacked and feel the need to defend who you are and what you’re doing, you will attract challenges to both of these, or certainly what you PERCEIVE as challenges.  This reading is asking you to take back your power and remove yourself from hiding behind any and all excuses.  It is encouraging you to have faith in yourself and to remove the perception of “threat” from the presence of any other people or circumstances involved.  Be true to who you really are and persist on the higher path.  Good luck.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information on using tarot for insight and guidance, please see http://www.tarotforalltime.com  Those of you in the Eugene, OR area, please come visit me at the Joyful Heart Psychic Fair on June 4, 2017, at the Lane County Fairgrounds http://www.joyfulheartpsychicfair.com  Thank you.

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