3-Card Reading for T.S.


T.S.  has requested an interpretation of the above cards that were drawn according to the protocol of silently completing the sentence, “Please give me some insight into __________.”  T.S. has not told me what (s)he has put into the blank space.  The first three cards are the “heart” of the reading and are read as a unit.  Then, the fourth card is drawn and read as a summary or clarifier.  Since there are two swords in the first  group of three, this mini-reading focuses on resolving conflict.  There is only one member of the Major Arcana in this reading, but it is the summary card, so there is also some connection to T.S.’s soul’s agenda for this lifetime.

The spotlight has been on the nine of cups, having accumulated a veritable treasure-house full of feelings, emotions, relationships, and psychic abilities, T.S. appears to have put them “on the shelf” while (s)he sits in front of them keeping them safe, on display, but inactive.  It is possible that T.S. is not in touch with the content of those cups; they belong to her/him, but (s)he is not using/interacting with them.  This card appears to tell  T.S. it is time to take them off the shelf and share them with the world.  The potential is there, and it is powerful.   As a nine, this card implies that the accumulation stage is complete; it’s time to stop “sitting  around” and share these with others.

The spotlight is now on the Page of Swords, sometimes referred to as the Testing Card.  This card appears when there is a temptation to bend the rules and/or quit, and its message is a challenge to any kind of commitment and/or promise T.S. has made to her/himself as well as to the world.  In order to be who you said you wanted to be and do what you want to do, you have to go beyond the doubt and fear and just get through this.

The spotlight is moving toward the four of swords, exposing the foundation or basis of conflict.  This particular conflict arises out of the judgment of self and others when viewed through the lens of the polarities of right/wrong, good/bad, winner/loser, etc.  In this dynamic, one figure is seen as above (better than) the other.  In T.S.’s situation, there is the fear of being in the less-desirable category.  (S)he is avoiding being judged on how (s)he expresses her/himself.  It is time to remove the belief that everyone falls into one of those categories, which is keeping T.S. inactive and, therefore, ineffective.  A wise teacher of mine once said, “What somebody else thinks of me is none of my business.”  It’s just as bad when you fear your own self-judgment.  The conflict is resolved here when T.S. can rise above the level of the polarities and appreciate all the components that contribute to the flow of life.

The summary card is the Sun, a whole new beginning, a chance to start over.  Yes, T.S., that’s you in this picture.  You’ve been around long enough to learn most of what you will encounter on the next round of your life, and you’re giving yourself permission to be open and vulnerable as you ride into the future bringing all your wisdom and other gifts with you. Blessed Be.

Does this make sense?  I hope it was helpful.  For more information about using tarot cards for insight and guidance, please see                 http://www.tarotforalltime.com                                                                and consider purchasing the book Tarot for All Time, available in paperback, e-book, and downloadable PDF format.  Thank you.

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